I’ve Got Two Ears and One Mouth…

April 26, 2008

First of all, this Will Smith image immediately reminds me of the trailer I saw for Hancock which is going to be a good “guys night out” at the iMax with @gregoryng and @schneidermike.

But, as the clock slips from Friday into Saturday, I feel guilty for not posting today. There is just TOO MUCH GOOD STUFF TO READ OUT THERE!!! I’m a self-proclaimed rookie and not nearly arrogant enough to think that I have something important to say that should be included with the bloggers I love to read. Read, absorb, learn. Read, absorb, learn.

So it may be cliche, but I believe it bears repeating. The reason God (or whoever) gave us two ears and one mouth is because we should be listening TWICE as much as we talk. At this point I’m listening 50x as much as I feel comfortable talking! (Thank you God for not scattering 25 pairs of ears all over my head. I got enough issues with my face…) I’ll talk more as I feel I start to have something worthwhile to add to the conversation. For now, I am really enjoying listening to all these other bloggers. Thank you for doing the heavy lifting with the talking for now.

(Rudy at Trulia has inspired me to get this Seesmic video plug-in added to my blog. Which will add the element of “eyes” to the ears and mouth theory…)


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