A Pack of Gum Made Me Take Notice Today

May 12, 2008

I casually asked a colleague for a piece of gum just now and was floored by what Wrigley’s is doing with their new “5” brand of chewing gum. The packaging is refreshingly different, the marketing is brilliant and the whole concept made me smile. The gum itself is OK. Come on, it’s chewing gum. It’s OK. Nothing revolutionary there, but the rest of it blew my mind! Way to go Wrigley’s for making a boring commodity exciting again. Go pick up a pack of this stuff today. If you appreciate marketing, design, packaging, etc… you will be pleasantly surprised. And your breath will stink less than usual, too.

I am admittedly too old to fit their target demo on this product, but I guess it’s one more event I can cite as evidence that I am an immature consumer when it comes to target demos. Apparently I’m about a year late to the party as well. That confirms other speculations about me as a consumer….


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