Good For My Ego…

July 15, 2008

Today I have been humbled by the positive response I’ve gotten throughout the real estate blogosphere from a handful of well-respected colleagues who seem to appreciate the “uncommon” ways I’m trying to market myself as well as my properties.

I guess, as a newer agent, I benefit from never really learning the “old” ways to do things and just kind of pushing forward with what (more often than not) makes sense to me. I absolutely LOVE the fact that the internet has given us each the individual freedom to blaze our unique marketing trails and throw a lot of stuff against the cyber-wall in the hopes that something might stick. Imagine if I “ran an idea up the flagpole” with a bunch of billboards and shopping carts? Any futile hopes of a break-even ROI are slim to none!

The internet (or internets as some of my clients call it/them…seriously) blasts open the doors to an entirely new way of thinking about marketing real estate. Some of my ideas seem to catch a fire, others not so much, but the barrier to entry of cost is relatively non-existant for most of them! So what the heck? Try it! What have you got to lose (other than a few precious hours of your life fiddling with iMovie ’06 because the new version makes separating the audio from the video damn near impossible…but I digress)?

It’s a brave new real estate marketing world, and I often find it hard to sleep at night because I’m so amped up for what might be next! Coffee at 10pm could have something to do with it as well.

So, to all my RE.net friends below, “Checks are in the mail, boys!” : )

Original post from my favorite yankee fan (isn’t that like jumbo shrimp?): Trulia Blog

Uber props from my Canadian brethren: Ubertor Real Estate Blog

From the “He said it, I didn’t” category, Dustin “4Realz” Luther chimed in: 4Realz

And transplanted Red Sox fan, Mr. Blue Goose himself declares: Blog of Geese

Gentlemen, you guys have all been part of my RSS reader since I blindly jumped into this game just over one year ago today. I already had a ton of respect for each one of you. It just increased a little bit more today! Thanks. I am humbled, grateful and slightly swollen in the head. Off to capture some more video…


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  1. Loving the blog. Glad to link up!!!

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