How Has Technology Changed My Real Estate Business?

August 30, 2008

The folks over at MyTechOpinion.com has asked the RE.net to talk about what technology has had the biggest impact on their real estate business. They have poised the question in the form of a little contest over at their site and I would strongly encourage everyone to jump over there and see some of the really, really cool things that others are doing with technology in the real estate industry.

The video above is my little story of how technology has dramatically changed my real estate business.



  1. Ok, so I asked on twitter if you were using a flipcam for your videos…and this video answered my question 🙂 Duh!

    I’ve been encouraging more Agents to use video. The flipcam is beyond fantastic! It just adds a whole new element ya know? It makes it all kinda fun.

    Anyway, I’m guessing you’re using a mac program to edit all of the video?

  2. Ricardo-
    LOVE the flip! I edit everything in iMovie ’08. Here’s some more footage of the flip in action: http://www.theuncommonagent.com

    Thanks for the comment and please tune in for more videos…


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