Frankly Unacceptable

September 15, 2008
Snow in September?

Snow in September?

Today is September 15th. We haven’t seen snow in these parts since…maybe early May (part of our ridiculous New England weather patterns). Yet, this photo came up as the main MLS photo for a currently active listing. This is not a listing for some cozy Breckenridge, CO ski house, this is a local Massachusetts home. There is only one reason for snow in photos for active listings in September. L-A-Z-Y. One of the industry’s most dreaded four letter dirty words. C’mon people! You can’t be bothered to update your exterior photos to reflect the change in seasons? Sure, keep the snow one in there if you want, (it does look pretty), but don’t keep it as your very first, main photo. It tells me two things.

  1. You’ve had the listing for a long, long time
  2. You’re too damn lazy to do the minimum required for your job.

The price tag on this one tells me there is a sizable commission check at the end of the rainbow if the agent can actually get this one sold. What? Isn’t that paycheck enough motivation for you to get off your butt, take the trip over to your listing and snap a photo? Are gas prices really too high for you?

Poorly taken MLS photos are bad enough. But at least they tried! Sometimes the skillset just isn’t there. But I saw the other photos for this listing. The agent can take a fairly decent photo. They’re just too lazy to keep the photos current. There is only one thing worse than a seasonally outdated MLS photo in my opinion…

This one trumps a snow photo in September!

This one trumps a snow photo in September!


One comment

  1. I just saw a photo of an active listing with snow in it too! Although in Minnesota it’ll probably be here soon so maybe they were ahead of the game…

    By the way – our MLS requires a photo by day 3 or you get a fine.

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