Proud To Be Part of the World Wide Rave!

February 26, 2009
World Wide Rave by David Meerman Scott

World Wide Rave by David Meerman Scott

Just received my copy of David Meerman Scott’s new book, “World Wide Rave” from Amazon today. It may be the first time ever that my name has appeared in a book’s index. To say I am flattered is an understatement. Call me an egomaniac (you won’t be the first), but I immediately flipped to the couple of pages about me. David did a fine job of describing how a little less than a year ago I took my struggling real estate business and attempted to turn things upside down with a video entitled “Steak Out in Franklin, MA”.  I am incredibly honored to have my uncommon story go from casual conversation in a Lexington Starbuck’s directly into the pages of his new, soon-to-be best-selling, book.

If you are a fan of marketing, branding, social media or simply figuring out why things like a video of a sneezing panda can catch the imagination of the masses, check out his new book. Not for the 2-pages about me, but for the 180 some odd other pages about people doing really cool things and creating real raves through the power of social media. You know the rules of the game have changed when a rookie real estate agent entering one of the most challenging markets in recent history gets his story spread to the world by a best selling author in the pages of his new book.

Thank you David for sharing one of the most fruitful cups of coffee I’ve had in a long time.


One comment

  1. Hey Mike,

    Your story is inspirational. You deserve to be in the book.


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