Meet Mike

My name is Mike Lefebvre. “Lefebvre” is a French-Canadian name and much easier to say than it is to spell. Some people I’ve met with the same name pronounce it “La-FEVER” but my father and grandparents would be rolling in their graves if I didn’t use the French pronunciation of “La-FAVE”. Either way the “b” is entirely silent. I am a Massachusetts licensed Real Estate Agent and also a Massachusetts Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser. Sometimes I call myself The Appraiser-Realtor. Sometimes I call myself The UncommonAgent. Sometimes I just call myself. Usually only when I’m lonely.

I was born and raised in a small town in upstate New York called Glens Falls. It’s about an hour north of Albany. At 17 I probably frustrated the hell out of my parents when I told them that what I REALLY wanted to do was join a band and move to California, but that if I HAD to go to college (what a spoiled little brat, I know) I was only going to Berklee College of Music in Boston to pursue my bachelors degree in Rock-and-Roll-ology. Academically, I had many more options open to me. My grades were real good. 1400 SATs. The world was my oyster. But I had discovered the drums and Motley Crue three years previously and I was convinced my life’s calling was to be the next Tommy Lee (yikes). Well, I only applied to Berklee (stupid), they accepted me (which meant my parents could afford the tuition…the “audition” was kind of a joke) and four years later, Phil Collins handed me a diploma (seriously) and I graduated cum laude with a Bachelor’s degree. Where does a Bachelor of Music degree take you? To a job at an ice cream shop to pay your bills so you can focus your energy on playing in a band of course.

As a band, we launched a small independent record label and for the next 8 years or so, I put in my time in the back of a van, making little to no money but seeing tons of great parts of this and other countries, and “living the dream” so to speak. The pinnacle of our success was a short review of our CD in Rolling Stone (yes, THE Rolling Stone). It was so short I remember it word for word. “Fist in the gut hardcore. Pop this baby in your walkman and go drown a few kittens.” Not sure what it meant, but, Hey! It was ROLLING STONE! Looked great in the press kit! In the great traditions of the Beatles, Van Halen and Loverboy, we too, broke up the band.

Next in line for me was my first shot at entrepreneurship. I put together a business plan to create the “Starbucks of tea.” A hip and funky environment where people could learn about and enjoy the world’s most popular beverage next to water, tea. I somehow convinced people with more money than me that this was a fantastic idea and before I knew it, my business plan was an up-and-running little tea company called cha. To this day, I feel we were slightly before our time. It was the pre-dot com explosion. I struggled along for four years with cha and eventually sold-out to a larger coffee company. Another “great experience” for the resume.

Desperately seeking a semi-regular paycheck I took a sales job at Key3Media selling the then industry-leading COMDEX technology trade show events. My first foray into Corporate America was a fun ride. Fancy office chairs, free-flowing cappuccino machines and an actual check every two weeks (plus a little more at the end of the month if I sold something). As luck would have it, I got in at the end of the good times for tech. The COMDEX shows were getting smaller and smaller and right before the company went belly-up (I swear it wasn’t me that caused it!) the old bass player from the band convinced me to get my real estate appraiser’s license because he was busy as all heck telling people what their houses were worth.

This was January of 2002, I remember specifically because the Patriots were on their way to their first Super Bowl victory and it was a weekend class. Major conflict there. The rest, as they say (who says that anyways?), is history. My resume and track record of sales, marketing and entrepreneurial success has led me to where I am today. Over 1,500 real estate appraisals later, an appraisal company of my own, my Real Estate Salesperson license, national acclaim for my marketing campaigns, a Residential Real Estate Specialist position at Hallmark Sotheby’s International Realty and The Uncommon Agent is born!



  1. 🙂

  2. I enjoyed your creative video selling a residence. I’m looking for tips on selling a commercial property in small town southern Illinois that I have had for sale. It was operated as a day care center previously. It is closed now. The building has a good location on the highway, 1700 square foot. (We enjoy bands as well, there are two drummers in the house. My teenager also plans a “career” in music.)
    Thanks for your input. ~ tj

  3. I think this is the first “about” page I have read through in its entirety.

    Rock and roll will never die. If you’re heading to Connect we should jam, I play bass.

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