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The Uncommon Agent on Good Morning America

February 19, 2009
Todd Waller's DM

Todd Waller's DM

This morning I was greeted with the above Twitter direct message from my Ann Arbor, MI real estate buddy Todd Waller.

Apparently Good Morning America had done a story on the emerging trend of online video to promote properties and they had used clips from my most recent listing video. It had all the makings of an awesome story until I confirmed the second part of Todd’s message that the show failed to give me any credit for the clips. They even cut to a testimonial from a Keller Williams agent immediately after my 2nd clip featuring my voiceover (while my music was still playing in the background!) making it appear that the clip was his!

Here’s the story and the video from this morning’s show.

My clips are the snowy house they show for $249,000 and the scene of the ice skating rink with me talking about “community”. You be the judge. Should ABC have given me some credit? Given the uproar recently about Facebook’s policy on who owns content, this subject seems to be more topical than ever.

Does posting a video on YouTube give anyone license to re-broadcast it however they’d like? My ADD inhibits me from reading the entire YouTube terms of service but I’ve been told it’s in there. So, could I grab some Sienfeld content off YouTube and use it in one of my listing videos? (For instance, if I was listing a co-op upstairs from the infamous Soup Nazi…)

Don’t get me wrong, I was a thrilled to see my video on a national broadcast, (many thanks to Todd “Eagle Eye” Waller for the heads-up without which I would have never known about it), but I would have loved to have a website address up there. Am I wrong?


Frankly Unacceptable

September 15, 2008
Snow in September?

Snow in September?

Today is September 15th. We haven’t seen snow in these parts since…maybe early May (part of our ridiculous New England weather patterns). Yet, this photo came up as the main MLS photo for a currently active listing. Read the rest of this entry ?


How NOT to Sell a House in Metrowest, MA

July 18, 2008

Bad MLS photo of the day....

OK, so this is hardly the most original idea for a blog post (closer to the least original probably) and tons of people have done it better and earlier, but I just had to share this photo I came across while looking for properties for my buyers. Read the rest of this entry ?


Good For My Ego…

July 15, 2008

Today I have been humbled by the positive response I’ve gotten throughout the real estate blogosphere from a handful of well-respected colleagues who seem to appreciate the “uncommon” ways I’m trying to market myself as well as my properties. Read the rest of this entry ?


Coffee with a Keynote

June 22, 2008

David Meerman Scott will be keynoting the NAR convention this November in Orlando, FL. He is the best-selling author of The New Rules of Marketing and PR, which has sold like a bajillion copies (approximately), the author of the very cool WebInkNow blog and a guy with three names. Let’s face it, that alone makes him sound pretty damn important. Read the rest of this entry ?


Fox on Mike

May 10, 2008

Scott Fox, Author of Internet Riches

A big thanks to internet marketing guru Scott Fox who recently wrote a flattering post on his blog about my “Steak Out in Franklin, MA” video. The Century 21 “Dig the Digs” contest has officially closed and winners will be announced in the next week or so. Please visualize “Steak Out in Franklin, MA” winning all the marbles. Perhaps you can picture me and the seller jumping up and down with a handful of black and gold balloons and one of those silly over-sized checks in hand. I sincerely appreciate all the good vibes and please stay tuned for an announcement in the coming days…Oh yeah, and go Celtics!


Hottest Real Estate Websites

January 10, 2008

Hitwise has ranked the hottest real estate websites as of December 2007. Below is the list of the Top 20. The links aren’t active (unfortunately) but you can copy and paste. has lived up to its name and jumped from #4 to #2. Trulia has jumped nearly into the Top 10 at #11. The air has apparently leaked slightly from the RE/MAX hot air balloon, dropping 3 places to #5.  

Hitwise Dec 07 Rankings