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The Uncommon Agent on Good Morning America

February 19, 2009
Todd Waller's DM

Todd Waller's DM

This morning I was greeted with the above Twitter direct message from my Ann Arbor, MI real estate buddy Todd Waller.

Apparently Good Morning America had done a story on the emerging trend of online video to promote properties and they had used clips from my most recent listing video. It had all the makings of an awesome story until I confirmed the second part of Todd’s message that the show failed to give me any credit for the clips. They even cut to a testimonial from a Keller Williams agent immediately after my 2nd clip featuring my voiceover (while my music was still playing in the background!) making it appear that the clip was his!

Here’s the story and the video from this morning’s show.

My clips are the snowy house they show for $249,000 and the scene of the ice skating rink with me talking about “community”. You be the judge. Should ABC have given me some credit? Given the uproar recently about Facebook’s policy on who owns content, this subject seems to be more topical than ever.

Does posting a video on YouTube give anyone license to re-broadcast it however they’d like? My ADD inhibits me from reading the entire YouTube terms of service but I’ve been told it’s in there. So, could I grab some Sienfeld content off YouTube and use it in one of my listing videos? (For instance, if I was listing a co-op upstairs from the infamous Soup Nazi…)

Don’t get me wrong, I was a thrilled to see my video on a national broadcast, (many thanks to Todd “Eagle Eye” Waller for the heads-up without which I would have never known about it), but I would have loved to have a website address up there. Am I wrong?


Never Trash the Shanes of the World

May 13, 2008

Another valuable business lesson learned from ABC’s The Bachelor last night. After six weeks of torrid romance, Prince Charming Matt Clark had narrowed the field of vixens down to just two: Shane, Hollywood actress-wannabe and daughter of B-list celebrity Lorenzo Lamas and Chelsea, the drug rep from Durango, CO. Having seen enough of these finales (yes, one of my guilty TV pleasures) I knew when Chelsea stepped out of the limo first she was dead in the water. At some point during Matt’s farewell soliloquy to her, Chelsea realized she was going home single. I’ll give her credit for keeping it together. Emotions were running high and she remained relatively composed. As they walked away back to her last limo ride home, she committed the cardinal sin of business. She trashed Shane, the girl Matt chose over her.

At that point, I thought she dropped the ball big time. She had the opportunity to go out gracefully and on top of her game. In any situation where you’re up against someone else (a listing appointment, a buying negotiation, etc…) one of the first things I learned in business is never, ever, ever outwardly trash your competition. It never will achieve the results you’re looking for. It only serves to make you look petty and like a sore loser.

Will others trash you to try and achieve an advantage? Absolutely. Rise above I say! In my experience, it will come back to you in spades. Real Estate can be a cut throat business, no doubt. As I write this, there is an agent in my office currently trashing another agent on the phone to a colleague. I kid you not. How convenient for me. It is literally happening as I type. It happens all the time. I just choose to not partake.

So best of luck to the lovely newlyweds, Matt and Shane. He actually proposed and she said yes! Usually they half-ass it and say let’s get to know each other better, take some time, yada yada yada….but these kids jumped right in with two feet. I wish them well.

I wish the now-single Chelsea well, too. I just wish she would have not jumped at the chance to trash Shane at the end. She lost major brownie points there.

But, hey! Maybe she has a bright future in Colorado real estate!