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The Uncommon Agent on Good Morning America

February 19, 2009
Todd Waller's DM

Todd Waller's DM

This morning I was greeted with the above Twitter direct message from my Ann Arbor, MI real estate buddy Todd Waller.

Apparently Good Morning America had done a story on the emerging trend of online video to promote properties and they had used clips from my most recent listing video. It had all the makings of an awesome story until I confirmed the second part of Todd’s message that the show failed to give me any credit for the clips. They even cut to a testimonial from a Keller Williams agent immediately after my 2nd clip featuring my voiceover (while my music was still playing in the background!) making it appear that the clip was his!

Here’s the story and the video from this morning’s show.

My clips are the snowy house they show for $249,000 and the scene of the ice skating rink with me talking about “community”. You be the judge. Should ABC have given me some credit? Given the uproar recently about Facebook’s policy on who owns content, this subject seems to be more topical than ever.

Does posting a video on YouTube give anyone license to re-broadcast it however they’d like? My ADD inhibits me from reading the entire YouTube terms of service but I’ve been told it’s in there. So, could I grab some Sienfeld content off YouTube and use it in one of my listing videos? (For instance, if I was listing a co-op upstairs from the infamous Soup Nazi…)

Don’t get me wrong, I was a thrilled to see my video on a national broadcast, (many thanks to Todd “Eagle Eye” Waller for the heads-up without which I would have never known about it), but I would have loved to have a website address up there. Am I wrong?


Is Fall a Good Time To Sell Your Home?

October 13, 2008

Fall is certainly a gorgeous time of the year here in New England, but a question I get from a ton of my clients is:

Is Fall a good time to try and sell my home?

My answer is enthusiastically, YES! And before you discount that response as typical Realtor-speak (as in, “It’s ALWAYS a good time to sell your home!”) let me explain why I feel this way.

1. Less Competition
A good portion of my colleagues seems to coast from now through the end of the year. It’s almost like they assume it’s the “slow” time of the year and they kind of turn on their auto pilot settings. They relay, whether consciously or unconsciously, this belief to the clients, and therefore it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and less homes get listed on the market. Less homes = less competition. Would you rather have your buyer presented with 20+ similar properties to choose from along with yours, or just a couple others? Your home will stand out to buyers purely because there are less homes to look at.

2. Serious Buyers
Let’s face it, the Fall and ensuing holidays are a busy time for everybody. Anybody who is out looking at homes between now and the end of the year tend to be serious buyers who HAVE to buy something. There’s usually a strong motivation for these buyers. This time of the year tire kickers and looky-loos spend time at the mall, not at open houses and showings. So although the QUANTITY of showings may decrease over the next few months, the QUALITY should be primo!

3. Fall Homes Show Well
Nothing is more attractive to buyers than a walkway scattered with a few vibrant leaves, leading to a beautifully decorated New England home with a gentle fire crackling in the fireplace. There’s usually a pile of apples in a bowl on the kitchen table and maybe a pumpkin or two. Fall in New England is the perfect backdrop for staging a fantastic home for sale. The sights, sounds and smells of Fall in New England paint a wonderful picture in the buyers minds. And buyers make purchasing decisions based on those pictures in their minds.

So the next time someone tells me, “We’re thinking about waiting for the Spring market to list”, I remind them that (1) you will be up against a lot more competition as far as other listings, (2) you will have a harder time identifying the truly serious buyers and (3) that Christmas tree and warm pumpkin pie in the oven will not have the same effect come April.

IMHO, from now until New Years truly is the most wonderful time of the year! Enjoy.


Frankly Unacceptable

September 15, 2008
Snow in September?

Snow in September?

Today is September 15th. We haven’t seen snow in these parts since…maybe early May (part of our ridiculous New England weather patterns). Yet, this photo came up as the main MLS photo for a currently active listing. Read the rest of this entry ?


How Has Technology Changed My Real Estate Business?

August 30, 2008

The folks over at has asked the to talk about what technology has had the biggest impact on their real estate business. They have poised the question in the form of a little contest over at their site and I would strongly encourage everyone to jump over there and see some of the really, really cool things that others are doing with technology in the real estate industry.

The video above is my little story of how technology has dramatically changed my real estate business.


How NOT to Sell a House in Metrowest, MA

July 18, 2008

Bad MLS photo of the day....

OK, so this is hardly the most original idea for a blog post (closer to the least original probably) and tons of people have done it better and earlier, but I just had to share this photo I came across while looking for properties for my buyers. Read the rest of this entry ?


Good For My Ego…

July 15, 2008

Today I have been humbled by the positive response I’ve gotten throughout the real estate blogosphere from a handful of well-respected colleagues who seem to appreciate the “uncommon” ways I’m trying to market myself as well as my properties. Read the rest of this entry ?


A Pack of Gum Made Me Take Notice Today

May 12, 2008

I casually asked a colleague for a piece of gum just now and was floored by what Wrigley’s is doing with their new “5” brand of chewing gum. The packaging is refreshingly different, the marketing is brilliant and the whole concept made me smile. The gum itself is OK. Come on, it’s chewing gum. It’s OK. Nothing revolutionary there, but the rest of it blew my mind! Way to go Wrigley’s for making a boring commodity exciting again. Go pick up a pack of this stuff today. If you appreciate marketing, design, packaging, etc… you will be pleasantly surprised. And your breath will stink less than usual, too.

I am admittedly too old to fit their target demo on this product, but I guess it’s one more event I can cite as evidence that I am an immature consumer when it comes to target demos. Apparently I’m about a year late to the party as well. That confirms other speculations about me as a consumer….